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Pure enzymes with Organic Acid, Probiotic and Prebiotic

Optimum consists mainly of enzymes, organic acid, probiotics and prebiotics.

To understand the role of these components in your horse, it is important to have a simple or basic understanding of Witanor optimally.

Enzymes are one of the most important factors for digestion and begin the digestive process, they are functional protein molecules that can catalyze and accelerate the feed distribution. The function of the most common digestive enzymes includes:


How the optimum works

The partially digested food enters the small intestine, where most of the nutrients – soluble carbohydrates, along with minerals, fats and proteins – are absorbed into the blood. Insoluble carbohydrates (which are the fiber) are not easily digested, as well as undigested soluble carbohydrates, these then pass to the cecum, the “fermentative tank” and the beginning of the colon. A number of living microbes in the appendix break down residual food into a viable form, including absorbable volatile fatty acids, which the horse uses as energy and nutrients.

Without the help of optimum, the food that goes from stomach to cecum is not “fermented” properly and some remain undigested. When this undigested food reaches the intestinal tract (large and small intestine), it can lead to colic, bloating or laminitis and increases the possibility of developing food-related allergic conditions when the food is not digested properly and remains in the intestine for too long



  • If your horse needs extra energy for competition and you have a workhorse, then it’s best to give your horse optimum plus extra organic acids
  • If your horse has an infection, parasites or digestive diseases, we strongly recommend providing the horse with optimum witanor and pure probiotics for faster relief
  • Recommended once a day
  • Horse with hard training and during transport 2x a day



  • Optimum is a daily digestive supplement to promote general health in farm animals and poultry: absorbs mycotoxins, has antibiotic, antiviral and immunoprotective properties, increases the digestion of the protein component in the diet and their better utilization, increases the exchange energy of the diet, reduces dietary costs.
  • Healthy digestive system performs important functions such as absorbing nutrients and blocking potentially harmful substances and microorganisms.
  • Optimal contains various enzymes, yeast cell wall, lactic acid bacteria for maximum digestive support and maintenance of the desired microflora.



  • Splitter phytates in cereals.
  • Increases the level of available phosphorus in feed.
  • Absorbs and neutralizes the widespread of naturally occurring toxins produced by certain moulds (fungi) that can sometimes be found in feed.
  • Reduces digestive tract disorders, normalizes digestion.
  • Blocks and suppresses the effect of the number of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms in the gut.
  • Improves and supports the immune system and protective functions of the organism.
  • Reduces feed cost and consumption.

Witanor Optimum

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  • Increases strength and performance, builds muscle, proper body weight, hover growth, quick recovery after hard work and exercise, visible muscles and drier tendons, etc.